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iPRF Bristol

This luxurious facial treatment combines three of the most powerful and medical grade facial treatments on the market today. Only avaliable at Cokely Aesthetics and Medical Services. This three step process combines Platelet Rich Fibrin (Growth Factors, Stem Cells and Fibrin Matrix) Span from your very own Blood. 

PRF Facial Bristol UK

The Blood is drawn and placed in our special centrifuge and span while using our FDA approved SkinPen your skin is Microneedled to create erythema (Redness) and tiny channels are created over the face, this is otherwise known as an injury where granulation tissue is formed. Platelet Rich Fibrin is then applied to the 'Injury' which accelerates healing. 

The Skin then tightens as it releases serum containing cytokines and growth factors from the injury site and also from the Platelet Rich Fibrin.  

Bristol SkinPen Treatment
Owned By Cokely Aesthetics Bristol

The Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin is then injected into and areas of the face of concern, Typically under the eyes, nasolabial folds and any deep lines. This helps to build and repair using your very own stem cells, growth factors and fibrin matrix. We then give a luxurious intense LED Photopherapy light session which further acceleration of healing and improvement of the skins collegan and elastin production. 

Downtime is minimal. The Redness subsides within 24 hours and the Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin continues to improve the areas of concern reaching its full improvement at three months, thats three months of gradual improvements. 

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