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IPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) is the next generation in anti-ageing and surpasses the better known PRP, by a huge distance.

Injectable platelet rich fibrin or (iPRF) uses the patient’s own blood plasma which is enriched with:
platelets (source of healing proteins and growth factors)
fibrin (the wound healing and regeneration matrix)
stem cells (the conductors of our body’s own healing and regenerative orchestra of healing and regeneration molecules)
The bio stimulation process that is triggered is totally innate and natural.

iPRF intensifies the functioning and reproduction of cells, thus having a gentle, gradual yet long lasting and accumulative effect. As a result new fibroblasts, collagen and elastin tissues are formed, skin elasticity and complexion is improved, and the pigmentation is reduced. Its uses are not limited to skin rejuvenation.

iPRF treatments provide very effective ways to target, slowdown, and even rewind the aging process. If you’re looking for a science based way to rejuvenate your skin, a PRF treatment can achieve some dramatic and noticeable results.

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