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Regenerative Biological Plasma Filler 

Bio Fillers Bristol

As we age, our skin's collagen and elastin  decreases, leading to volume loss in face key areas such as cheekbones, the under-eye area and cheeks. Areas look heavier, such as the jowls and neck, which can lead to sag in the skin, this alters the structure of our whole face. Structural changes deeper in the skin also show a tired and worn-out complexion. Saggy cheeks are the most ageing feature in an individuals face.

Although Dermal fillers are widely used to restore volume, they do not have the regenerative capabilities such as Plasma Filler and I-PRF facial treatments.

Smart Cell Plasma Filler fixes skin quality, uneven skin tone, laxity and volume loss combined.

Plasma Tear Trough Bristol

Regenerates the extracellular matrix
Safe alternative to synthetic fillers
Autologous thus no risk of reaction
Superior tissue integration
Suitable for all skin types
Suitable for patients with allergies to synthetic filler ingredients
Improves the skin quality

Fills, repairs and restores

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