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injectable bio-stimulators

Polynucleotides are a super-charged injectable moisture treatment with extra powers, delivering collagen- and elastin-boosting.
They’re biopolymers – stretchy molecules made from fragments of fish DNA extracted from salmon or trout sperm which closely resemble human DNA. 

A truly natural way to improve the skin and tissue on a cellular level, polynucleotides communicate with the cells to make them produce collagen and elastin.

In a nutshell, reduced wrinkling  and an improvement in skin tone and hydration. is good for bringing down inflammation in the skin. Polynucleotides deliver four key benefits: Regeneration, cleansing, moisturising, firming and contouring. 

They can be a preventative treatment for younger skin, or a recovery treatment for ageing skin. They are also effective for dark circles under eyes and strengthening the thin delicate skin around the mouth. 

Rather than just providing hydration, polynucleotides are more like food or medicine for the cells, to make them produce collagen and elastin 

What can you expect to see
after polynucleotide injections?


Three sessions are required approximately two weeks apart. you can book here

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