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Permanent hair removal 

Is Permanent Hair removal Permanent?

So after a course of IPL hair removal, we will have destroyed the suitable treated follicle's and they will never grow back, but there is a strong possibility that a brand new follicle may activate or follicles, not in the 'anagen' phase will still grow. ... IPL is semi-permanent and does need maintenance. Further treatments will be required to ensure a permanent results.

This treatment is highly effective to those living with polycystic ovary syndrome, however for those with fine hair known as 'Peach Fuzz' can find treatment here 

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Permanent hair removal treatment offers clinically proven, safe and effective long term reduction of unwanted hair. Excellent hair reduction is obtained after approximately 6- 8 treatments, this can vary from person to person IPL is suitable for arms, underarms, back, chest, bikini line, legs and face. This treatment offers painless permanent hair removal delivering smooth skin for both men and women Cokely Aesthetics offer the following courses:


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