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Treatment Price List 

Cokely Aesthetics Bristol Botox
Bristol Skincare Facials
Cokely Aesthetics Bristol

Clinic Price List (February 2023)

Wrinkle Relaxing

(Consultation Only)

One Area £100

Two Area £180

Three Area £225

(Includes brow lift & advanced techniques) 

Review after two weeks. This will be booked following treatment.

Bespoke Treatments

Aesthetic Classics

Profhilo £200

Sunekos £120

Skin Bio-Armouring £250

Aqua Shine £130

Lumi Eyes £70

Plasma Elite Skin Shrinking £100 

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)

Stem Cell Extraction 
Requires Bloods

Cokely Gold Facial £200

iPRF (Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) £170 

PRF Gen Z Vampire Facial £180

Hair Restoration* £220 

*Requires 3 - 4 Vials

LED Phototherapy 

Strongest On The Market)

Ultra Heal Blue

Acne Calming

Psoriasis Treatment

Fast Wound Healing

 Treatment for SAD

Reduce Inflammation 

Plumping Rosey Red

Stimulate Collagen & Elastin

Natural Hydration

Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Acne Scarring

Stimulate Hair Growth

Cold Sore Prevention 

Immune System Boost


Dermal Fillers 

(Advanced Techniques)

Cheek Enhancement £350

Lip Hydration (0.5ml) £120

Lip Enhancements £185

Tear Trough Area £210

Jawline, Cheeks & Chin £500

Chin £185

1ml Refresh with Cannula £190

Peri - Oral Hydration £350

Facial Skin Treatments

(Consultation Recommended)

SkinPen Microneedling £150

L'esthetic Mesotherapy £75

Airbrushed Mesotherapy £110

Medical Grade Skin Peel £65

Laser Carbon Peel £75

Laser Suite 


Permanent Hair Removal* 

Large Area £65

Small Area £45

Laser Tattoo Removal* £65

Age Spot Removal* £45

*Sessions Required 


Facial Restoration, Lifting & Tightening 365

Intimate Tightening 190*

Exclusive Packages

Money Savers


Treatment Consultation

Two Area Wrinkle Relaxing

Dermal Filler With Cannula

LED Phototherapy



Treatment Consultation 

Three Area Wrinkle Relaxing

Dermal Filler with Cannula

LED Phototherapy



Treatment Consultation

Three Area Wrinkle Relaxing

Two Dermal Fillers 


LED Phototherapy 


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