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New for 2022
LED Phototherapy

The most powerful LED Light , State of the Art Technology, Incredibly Powerful

LED Intense Photo dynamic light is a breakthrough in skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light, including red, blue, yellow and infrared, this treatment has enormous success in the treatment of Acne, Pigmentation, Soriasis, Bruising, Redness (Blushing) caused by Rosacea 

Bristol Light Therapy

Red light fully absorbs into the fibre cells to promote cell growth, improves cell viability, reduces pore size, stimulates cells to produce collagen, Increases thickening and restructuring of the dermis structure, smoothes and increases the elasticity of the skin. 

Blue light produces and stimulates porphyry, singlet's of active oxygen are produced, forming a high oxidation environment to kill off all surface bacteria and removes the active element of acne and Psoriasis. Blue Light speeds up the healing process even after just one session.  

Yellow light matches the light absorption peak of blood vessels, improve circulation safely and effectively without the action of thermal effects, regulates cell activity and improves skin problems effectively. also, increasing the natural regeneration of collagen and stimulating  fibroblast and elastin production. This improves skin tone and reduces fine lines.

Infrared light is Anti-inflammatory, decrease pain, promotes wound healing and post operative repair. 

we are offering 30 minutes for £45,this includes a consultation you can book your session HERE 

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