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Over time, due to our continual use of facial muscles to create unique facial expression, lines that develop on the face do not always respond to wrinkle relaxing injections and require a different solution. Dermal Fillers are the perfect answer. We use this treatment to plump up the lines and wrinkles in the face and lip areas with immediate effect. A natural smooth appearance, gently lifting the deep lines and producing a more youthful look is the result of carefully placed fillers.

 Cheek bone enhancement, Jaw line, Chin definition. Reduction of Upper lip lines “Barcode / Smoker lines”, Melomental fold “Marionette lines”, Nasolabial fold.

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Chin fillers can last between 18 to 24 months. They may last longer or less than this in some people. They are not permanent as they are made up of Hyaluronic acids, which the body slowly breaks down. What to Expect? Chin augmentation is a non-surgical procedure that will enhance your jawline and give you a more symmetric, attractive look. The process of injecting the dermal fillers can take from 10-15 minutes.


Tear trough filler treatment quickly and effectively restores lost volume, and reduces dark circles under the eyes. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles as the dermal fillers will boost collagen production by hydrating from the inside. 

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