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Over time, the skin changes: it gets damaged and ages. Despite the promises of cosmetic products and a healthy lifestyle, the deep layers of the epidermis are degraded. They lose their content of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and collagen. 


L'ESTHÉTIC MESO exclusively uses pharmaceutical-type ingredients with a molecular weight 1000 times greater than the products offered by the competition. 


Thanks to its complex formulas, resulting from French biological research, MESO stimulates the skin from the inside without changing its expression or shape. Highly concentrated in hyaluronic acid, organic silicon and a cocktail of vitamins, this combination revitalizes tired skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A real complexion booster, this treatment also prevents and treats the signs of aging, Cokely Aesthetics recommends this gorgeous, luxurious facial. 


'I had a cocktail of vitamins injected into my face in my quest for glowing skin and it actually worked' (Bianca London) 


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