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Cokely Aesthetics offers an innovative range of peeling gels. Formulated with premium ingredients, they deliver an immediate and painless result.  As the procedure completely respects the skin, LABORATOIRE L’ESTHETIC guarantee a lunch-time peeling, that immediately sublimates the face without irritating it.

Bristol Medical Skin Peel


Based on glycolic, mandelic and kojic acids, this whitening gel exfoliates the skin and stimulates its renewal. Adapted to all skin types, it prevents the synthesis of melanin to offer a brightening effect. 

Indicated in the treatment of melasmas, pigmented spots and hyperpigmentation.


This peeling reduces acne, scars, blackheads and comedones thanks to the purifying effect of salicylic acid (20%) that frees the pores of dead cells and impurities. Lactic and glycolic acids allow the active substance to enter more easily into the epidermis without any irritation.


As it penetrates deeply into the skin, this peel formulated with 15% TCA significantly reduces lines and wrinkles, but also acne scars. It stimulates the natural production of collagen and thus restores the elasticity of the epidermis, as it erases, in particular, the noxious effects of sun exposure.

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