Male grooming at cokely Aesthetics 

Men are spending more time and money on their appearance than ever before, the biggest areas of concern according to recent surveys conducted by Men's Health are treatments with minimal downtime, the following were addressed


Double Chin 

Even fit men may have a genetic fat pocket under their chin that gives them the appearance of being heavier than they are, or not on their game. For men with a larger double chin, fat can easily be dissolved and filler can be added to the chin and jawline. This can be subtle or you can go for a more noticeable shape


Bristol Aesthetics For Men

Another commonly seen issue for the male patient base is facial redness, broken blood vessels, or rosacea, Cokely Aesthetics offer Laser and Intense Pulsed Light treatments

and in most cases results can be seen quickly and with very minimal downtime.

Treatments can be viewed HERE


Many men may wish to look younger and more rested. Known as 'Brotox', where through the use of injectable neurotoxins or fillers they can temporarily reverse the signs of aging, soften the wrinkles on the foreheadand around the eyes. Fillers replace the volume loss that can improve a tired look

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If your aim is to reduce the embarrassment and inconvenience cause by overactive sweat glands, the hyperhidrosis Toxin treatment is a safe and convenient option. See Here


PRP treatment to restore baldness involves taking the clients own blood, spinning it  to separate the platelets and plasma and then injecting the plasma, which is full of growth factors back into the patient’s hair follicles to promote cell growth, wound healing and to stimulate collagen production.

There is minimal discomfort and can take around 30 minutes. It is a painless and simple treatment , and natural because it uses the Clients own blood. See more HERE


Signature Facials 
With such a wide range of products and services in the market offering the best technology and clinical efficiency in dealing with various skin concerns, it can be difficult to decide which treatment is going to work best for you. The best thing about our facial treatments is that they can be tailored to you.

You may be looking for something to clear pores and eliminate blackheads. Similarly, you want to keep your skin healthy and young-looking, and manage pigmentation, acne, stimulate collegian, peels even non surgical face lifts . Most importantly, you may simply just want something to brighten the overall appearance of the skin and make you feel and look great.

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