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sun damage removal/ photo facial

IPL, or Photofacial, is an excellent way to safely and effectively treat sun damage, age and brown spots, freckles, rosacea, and wrinkles in one comprehensive treatment. Although you will notice an improvement with just one treatment, Cokely Aesthetics recommends a minimum of three treatments for more significant results.

Sun Damage.JPG

Treatment of Sun-damaged Skin and Skin Photo facial.

Most Clients like to keep a young and fresh look forever. Aging is inevitable as our skin ages due to excessive sun exposure and decreased production of collagen. Skin rejuvenation treatment with IPL keeps a younger and fresher look. The safe Intense Pulsed Light makes your face look smoother by reducing age spots , redness and sun damage,  improving your skin texture. Uneven pigmentation is also reduced it may take between one and three treatments to obtain results.


Per face treatment - £70

Course of 3 - £200 

We recommend 2 - 3 weeks apart 

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