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I am away training! New solution for bright eyes! Coming Soon...........

TIRED OF LOOKING TIRED? Many of us feel we look tired, even when we’re not! No matter how well-rested we are, sunken, dark shadows can appear under our eyes. Whatever the reason, be it genetics, lifestyle, age, or stress, it’s a problem shared by people of all ages. What can you do when you’ve tried everything – diet, more sleep, eye creams, sliced cucumbers and teabags under your eyes and nothing helps?

THE MAIN CAUSES OF SHADOWS AND DARK CIRCLES UNDER THE EYES Shadows and dark circles under the eyes can be caused by many things, such as hyperpigmentation or superficial veins. Eyebags and puffiness can also contribute. However, in the majority of cases, a lack of volume below the eyes is what creates the hollows that make us look tired. The hollows, or grooves, deflect the light and cast shadows onto the skin, leading to tired-looking eyes. This is also why cucumbers, creams, and teabags don’t solve the problem for many of us. They don’t do anything about the lack of volume!

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